A Call Away is a unique business model that came into existence from an understanding of the value of both time and efficiency to any organization. The primary end goal of the business is to add value to its customers in the form of time saving, more efficient sourcing and overall cost saving. Efficiency is an area seldom explored on a journey toward growth and prosperity, yet it is one of the key drivers in this new age of doing business.

A Call Away is about building solid relationships with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers that allows us to be cost effective and time efficient in sourcing and securing product availability.

A relationship with A Call Away will assist your business by reducing the total cost of operation and allow your staff to focus on the core business.

A Call Away is a level 1 BBBEE contributor and our focus is on driving equality on all platforms. As a business we are committed to moral excellence in every way. Allowing us to partner with you and your business will yield many positive benefits.

Our goal is to partner across a wide spectrum of industries including:

  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Food & beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Health
  • Transportation

Our simple and effective motto is

As a business we will source and supply all material as required. Our services include negotiating the best price during the procurement process, arranging for collection and timeous delivery of products.

31 St. James Avenue
Westville, 3629
Durban, South Africa
TELEPHONE: 031 266 5760
EMAIL: info@acallaway.co